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Bruce Smith of Seascape Kayak Tours

Bruce Smith of Seascape Kayak Tours

On this show Gary shares a ‘once in a lifetime’ adventure he had while kayaking this fall in the Bay of Fundy. He and his son Brendan were paddling with Bruce Smith of Seascape Kayak Tours when an 8-foot shark bumped their kayak. With jaws wide open, it slid along the side of the kayak just inches away from the surprised paddlers. Listen to the story and the feature interview with Bruce Smith.

Eric Hendrickson of Presque Isle, Maine spent a week cycling solo around New Brunswick and Maine this fall. He shares Part-1 of his biking journal with us.

Gary talks about the alarming story of a young woman attacked and killed by coyotes in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia. Music on the show today from The Gremmies and The Zero Five. Send your comments, suggestions, outdoor adventures and tales of close encounters with sharks and coyotes to


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Our feature interview today is with potter Darren Emenau of New Brunswick. When this talented artist isn’t working in his studio, he’s playing in the outdoors. Gary talks with him by the bank of a stream that runs behind his home. Darren recounts how he dodged bus size chunks of falling ice while skiing in Tuckerman Ravine in New Hampshire this past spring. He talks about a recent canoe trip from hell and how he combines his love of the outdoors with his art.

Normally we stay away from gas engines and spark plugs on DSO but Gary couldn’t resist talking to Peter Herbruck about his classic wooden boat. Gary met him this summer in Muskoka cottage country in Ontario. Peter is from Ohio and for many years his family has spent summers on Lake Rosseau. His pride and joy is a 22 foot Chris Craft Cadet. This classic wooden boat with the original inboard engine was built in the mid 1920’s. IMG_2463

Music on the show this week from Clayton. Send along your comments and story suggestions to

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Elaine and Eric Hendrickson

Elaine and Eric Hendrickson

Eric and Elaine Hendrickson are active, outdoors people in their mid 50’s. They live in Presque Isle, Maine. They ski, hike, paddle, go geocaching, mess about in caves and much more. They love outdoor adventures and Gary met up with them part way through a cycling trip of Nova Scotia, New Brunswick and Maine. We also have a comment about an unusual outdoor event in Tulsa, Oklahoma and music from Sean Fournier.

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Next time…. show 100.

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Dennis & Bert

Dennis & Bert

Today we’re going bass fishing on the St. John River in New Brunswick.  Here a print story that Gary wrote about the adventure:

Years ago when the kids were younger I took them fishing. We went under the Nerepis Bridge and on my first cast I caught a nice bass. That was the last bass I pulled from the river until this summer. I recently had the chance to so some serious bass fishing with a pair of tournament anglers from the New Brunswick Sportfishing Association. Dennis Sennett lives in Grand Bay-Westfield and is the vice-chair of the organization. Bert Beek is the chair and he lives in Ripples.

First of all, bass are not native to new Brunswick. The species was introduced years ago and they’re thrived. Now we have one of the best sport fisheries for smallmouth bass around. Tournament fishing isn’t as big here as it is in the United States but it is very competitive. In fact some top prizes go as high as $10,000.

Bert and Dennis spend most of their weekends fishing in tournaments but on this day we were just out for some fun fishing. We met Bert in Oromocto and loaded our gear into his 18 foot Crestliner. We tried a few spots along the river including the mouth of the Nashwaak River in Fredericton. The fishing wasn’t terrific but we all managed to catch a few fish, even though Dennis was a little slow off the start.

“Smallmouth are one of the most fun fish to catch,” says Dennis. “I’ve fished for salmon and trout but if you catch a 3 or 4 pound bass it beats salmon.” Bert calls fishing his way of relaxing. “You get away from everything, all the struggles of daily life,” says Bert. “It’s calm and quiet and gives you a chance to be among friends and tell fishing stories.”

Dennis holding Gary's fish.

Dennis holding Gary's fish.

And every angler has a story. Bert says one day last year he and his father caught over a hundred bass in a tournament. It’s always ‘catch and release’ and the top five biggest fish win. But Dennis says you don’t need to be in a tournament with a fancy bass boat to enjoy fishing. Just drop a line anywhere you can and enjoy.

The River Valley has many great fishing spots. Some anglers have a lot of luck just fishing off the Westfield Wharf or where I caught that bass by the Nerepis Bridge. Further up river the fishing is great around Gagetown, especially if you can get in a canoe and paddle around some of the islands. If, like me, you haven’t gone fishing in a few years, why not give it a try this summer. After all, as Bert says, a bad day on the water is better than a good day at work.

Music on the show by Bill Kahler. Email in your comments and summer outdoor adventures to


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Our feature story today is about a guy and his boat. It’s about a man who is passionate about wooden boats. We’ll meet Skipper Charlie Creaser on board his 88 year old sardine fishing vessel the ‘Brunswick Maid’. It’s a living and breathing piece of New Brunswick maritime heritage. This isn’t your typical outdoors story, although the lifestyle is similar. I think you’ll enjoy it.

We have comments about a Turkey Trot in Utah, the rocky trails of Pennsylvania and we’ll find out what ever happened to our buddy Warren in Alberta.

Podsafe music from Joshua Kobak & Swim and The All Girl Summer Fun Band.
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Welcome to the second video edition of Doing Stuff Outdoors. On today’s show we’re going to the second annual Reverse Freestyle Kayak and BoaterX competition held at the world famous Reversing Falls in Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada. This event brings together the top freestyle, whitewater paddlers from the Maritimes, Quebec, Ontario and Maine.

The BoaterX competition sees kayakers racing through the rapids around a course at low tide. The Freestyle event has paddlers doing flips and cartwheels on the huge standing waves created by the incredible tides of the Bay of Fundy, (the highest in the world) combining with the powerful flow of the mighty St. John River. At high tide the water through these rapids actually reverses and flows upstream. Many locals still consider it suicidal going anywhere near these waters at low or high tide.

We’re going to get in on the action by talking to some of the paddlers who will explain what it’s really like being in these raging waters with whirlpools large enough and powerful enough to pull a boat underwater and hold it there. We’ll meet long time paddlers like Harold Cox, the manager of the Canadian Freestyle Kayaking Team. We’ll find out why these kayakers have such a passion for extreme white water.

For more on the Reversing Falls and kayaking in Atlantic Canada check out Atlantic Kayaker. Podsafe music by AjT.
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The Fundy Footpath is a rugged, wilderness hiking trail that hugs the Bay of Fundy shoreline in the province of New Brunswick. It’s a tough trail with lots of ups and downs and switchbacks. Usually this 50 km trail is a three day hike. Our feature interview today is with two guys who along with a few others, ran this trail in 13 hours. Their names are Lloyd English and Darrell Travis and they’re no slouches. Both run marathons, in fact Darrell has run Boston 12 times. And they both agree, running the footpath is the toughest thing they’ve ever done.

The start of the ski season is just around the corner if it hasn’t already began where you are. We have a comment about skiing in North Carolina in October. (Who knew you could ski that early in the southeast.) Gary goes to the annual ski swap at his local ski hill Poley Mountain. Ski swaps are the best places to find bargains on ski gear. And a listener wants to know more about outdoor gym equipment in public places.

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