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Bruce Smith of Seascape Kayak Tours

Bruce Smith of Seascape Kayak Tours

On this show Gary shares a ‘once in a lifetime’ adventure he had while kayaking this fall in the Bay of Fundy. He and his son Brendan were paddling with Bruce Smith of Seascape Kayak Tours when an 8-foot shark bumped their kayak. With jaws wide open, it slid along the side of the kayak just inches away from the surprised paddlers. Listen to the story and the feature interview with Bruce Smith.

Eric Hendrickson of Presque Isle, Maine spent a week cycling solo around New Brunswick and Maine this fall. He shares Part-1 of his biking journal with us.

Gary talks about the alarming story of a young woman attacked and killed by coyotes in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia. Music on the show today from The Gremmies and The Zero Five. Send your comments, suggestions, outdoor adventures and tales of close encounters with sharks and coyotes to


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We’re going kayaking with Bob Collins of Delaware on this edition of DSO. Bob brought his audio recorder along with him as he went for a spring paddle on the Pocomoke River in Maryland, near Snow Hill. He did some flat-water paddling for almost 20 miles on this cypress lined river, all the while telling us about the vegetation and wildlife he encountered along the way. The “Poke-Moke” starts in Delaware, in the Great Cypress Swamp, and flows almost due south for some 40-50 miles into the Chesapeake Bay.

We have music on the show from Allison Crowe and more of your  outdoor comments about tour skating and cycling in France. Contact Gary by email at

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Today Bob Collins of Bethany Beach in Delaware takes us along for a paddle. He was supposed to go on an outdoor adventure in search of a wild horse called ‘Charcoal’ in Assateague National Seashore in Maryland. (That’s another story that hasn’t happened yet but will soon) Instead Bob put his kayak on the truck and went for a mid winter paddle in Trussom Pond just outside of Laurel, Delaware. Laurel is well-known for its water recreation opportunities including Trussom Pond which is home to the northernmost natural stand of bald cypress trees in North America.

Also on the show, Gary brings us up to date on his struggle with the P90X extreme home fitness program and trying to set up a DSO account on facebook. We have comments from listeners about kayaking, hiking to the top of mountain peaks and using signal mirrors to flash signals from one peak to another, the fun of Urban Scavenger Hunts and much more. Plus music from All Mankind of Sydney, Australia.

Contact Gary by email at and check us out on facebook and twitter.

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Welcome to the second video edition of Doing Stuff Outdoors. On today’s show we’re going to the second annual Reverse Freestyle Kayak and BoaterX competition held at the world famous Reversing Falls in Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada. This event brings together the top freestyle, whitewater paddlers from the Maritimes, Quebec, Ontario and Maine.

The BoaterX competition sees kayakers racing through the rapids around a course at low tide. The Freestyle event has paddlers doing flips and cartwheels on the huge standing waves created by the incredible tides of the Bay of Fundy, (the highest in the world) combining with the powerful flow of the mighty St. John River. At high tide the water through these rapids actually reverses and flows upstream. Many locals still consider it suicidal going anywhere near these waters at low or high tide.

We’re going to get in on the action by talking to some of the paddlers who will explain what it’s really like being in these raging waters with whirlpools large enough and powerful enough to pull a boat underwater and hold it there. We’ll meet long time paddlers like Harold Cox, the manager of the Canadian Freestyle Kayaking Team. We’ll find out why these kayakers have such a passion for extreme white water.

For more on the Reversing Falls and kayaking in Atlantic Canada check out Atlantic Kayaker. Podsafe music by AjT.
Email your comments to

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Maria Coffey and her husband Dag Goering own an outdoor adventure company called Hidden Places. Together they lead sea-kayaking expeditions around the globe. He’s a photographer and she’s an author. Maria has written a number of books, most with an outdoor theme. (In a future program we’ll feature an interview with her about her latest book) On this edition we talk to Maria about her love of the outdoors and how she came to share that passion with others.

Also on the show… remembering arctic pioneer Ralph Plaisted and thoughts on buying new running shoes and testing a little kayak in rough water. We have more comments on the Superior Hiking Trail in Minnesota and Gary gets a few tips on losing weight for his ongoing fitness challenge.

Podsafe music this week from David Usher and Smallfish. Send comments and outdoor stories to

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The remnants of Hurricane Hanna roared through Gary’s town, flooding streets and washing out rail-beds and turning Gary into a big wussy. He was supposed to run in a 5 mile race that morning but the torrential rain and wind made him think better of it. So he stayed in bed late and instead of running he recorded today’s program.

We have a feature interview with a man named Rafe Hooper who operates an outfitting and canoe/kayak rental business called Osprey Adventures. He’s always loved the outdoors and being on the water and now he truly has the lifestyle he’s always wanted. What could be better than doing what you love to do outdoors for a living.

Gary introduces us to an outdoor activity that is unlike most of the ones we cover on Doing Stuff Outdoors. And yet thousands and thousands of people do it every weekend. We’re going to take you ‘Yard-Sale-ing’.

Podsafe music on the show this week from Blake Morgan with some help from Lennie Kravitz. And we have some comments from Gord in Ottawa and an update on the active couple we spoke with last time on DSO. Smitty from tells us how Jim and Kathy Whelan made out in the Triathlon and Ironman Competition this summer

Email:       Comments Line:  206.600.4557

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On July 1st, 2008 Patrick Stark of Toronto set off by himself in his kayak to circumnavigate Georgian Bay.  The expedition took him 40 days and covered approximately 1000km.  His goal was to raise $5000 for the Georgian Bay Land Trust, a non-profit group working to protect the Eastern shore and North Channel of Georgian Bay.  When it was over Pat raised over $7,000 with donations still coming in and he experienced an adventure of a lifetime.

Pat Stark is our feature interview on today’s show. He’ll tell us how the adventure started and why he dedicated his summer to this project. We’ll hear about his encounters with wild weather, rolling waves, funnel clouds, lake freighters and even bears. Pat tells us about the wonderful people he met on this paddle, the history he learned and how he appreciates the beauty of the bay even more now.

Pat sent along a number of photos from the trip, a few of which I’ve posted here. If you’d like to comment about Pat’s trip call our comment line at 206.600.4557 or email me at

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