Gary Mittelholtz is an avid outdoor enthusiast, video producer, writer and broadcast journalist with over 30 years experience in radio and television. bike-and-kayaking-010.jpg


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  1. Hi Dad,

    I am almost caught up on all the DSO podcasts. I have really been enjoying them. Especially when I am in the bunk with all the noisy kids and also when I am editing. I like the show because you really have achieved in giving us the feeling of going on mini adventures without ever physically doing anything. Good old auditory adventures. Trail magic is great, he talks us right along as if we were there with him. Makes me think about doing it myself.

  2. Edward Vickers

    Hi Gary,

    It’s really nice to have a high quality podcast on the outdoors. Your years in radio and tv is really showing itself. I am a little behind on listening to the podcasts but I really enjoyed the one on reversing falls and kayaking. I love to kayak the coast by Fort Myers and doing the spring runs in central florida such as Rock Springs Run. I also bike and run 2-3 times per week but I’ve kind of topped out at 5 miles with the running and I’m basically love outdoor activities in general. I suppose that’s why I like this show. Keep up the good work.


  3. Rex McInvale

    This is a great podcast. I’m almost current and really enjoying the progress. It’s great to either read or listen to outdoor stuff for real people. Without setting records, or making your favorite outdoor activity into a competition, you can still enjoy yourself. For example, the grandfather with his grandson and a kite was an excellent piece.

    I’m primarily a mountain biker and hiker, but I scuba dive, spear fish, play tennis, and fly fish. I’m not particularly good at anything, but I have a good time. I’m a new dad. My boy doesn’t know it yet, but he’s going to have a grand time growing up!

    Keep up the good work!


  4. Warren Isbister

    Hello Gary.
    Ive been enjoying your podcast. I listen to a few at a time while I weld at work. I just listened to a couple while folding laundry. Multi-use podcast. Excellent.
    Youve managed to combine the main themes of my other favorite podcasts, and roll them into one. Audio adventures, interviews, experiences, and that always fun aspect of planting seeds of “just get out there and do something”. One thing I really appreciate is your desire to talk to every day people. Thats one thing that lacks in the other podcasts I am familiar with. Keep up the good work.

  5. Andy K

    Hi Gary
    Really great podcast, which I like listening to. Over here in ‘sunny’ Wales, we have lots of opportunities to get outside and do stuff, I enjoy kayaking (loved reversing falls edition), mountain biking and walking, and have started taking my son out and about. This podcast is an inspiration, and wake up call in one. Thanks very much

  6. Gary,

    I Love the show and can’t wait for the next episode. I love listening to outdoor adventures whether it’s kayaking, skiing, hiking or running.They all motivate me to grab my gear and head out. As we get older I’m finding its getting harder to motivate people to go do the things they used to do. I hear so many people saying, oh I used to run, or I used to hike. I did some checking on the badwater ultramarathon in Death Valley. Did you know that the average age of the runner of this 134 mile race is about 40 yrs. We are never too old to enjoy the outdoors. I ran into a guy climbing Mt. Whitney who was 70 years old. I’m only 46 and just getting into my prime.

    Keep up the great work.
    Temecula, California

  7. Terry Moore

    Hi Gary, great to meet with you yesterday and to get caught up. I went right home and started listening to your podcasts, it’s going to take me a while to get to them all but it remings of driving in my truck all those years when you were hosting mainstreet on the drive home. Brought back many fond memories. Let’s stay in touch.
    Don’t forget to check out whostolemybike.com, it’s my son Geordan’s web page and he has some of his art on there.

  8. Mae Oakmont

    Hi. I love the blog. I network for different online companys and one is an adventure travel site. Was wondering if you were interested in being a beta tester. You could post photos and information of the places you have taken photos at.
    Let me know if you interested.

  9. JT Solace

    Just wanted to drop a line and let you know how much I enjoy the podcast and all the hardwork that goes into making it. I find you personable and it is a joy to hear your voice with every new podcast. I guess the best thing I can say is that the podcast makes me want to go outside. Again thanks.

  10. Hi Gary,

    I was so pleased to find such a high quality unbiased podcast. I appreciate the way you touch on a wide variety of activities and issues in a very professional yet entertaining manner.

    As a past President and Past Executive Director of the Outdoor Writers of Canada I have a fond appreciation for our natural heritage and publish a blog that focuses on relevant events and issues that impact wildlife and their habitat…including a few humorus stories along the way.

    Keep up the great work…I’m hooked.

  11. E.W.


    Love the podcast. I listen when I can and have jumped here and there to listen to various episodes.

    You mentioned in the last episode that you always bring your recorder when you go out. I’m wondering if you could spend a few minutes sometime talking about what equipment you use and the process of recording in the field. Also, do you do any nature sound/natural sound recording outside the interview work – if not, do you think you might interview someone involved with that work?

    Thanks and keep up the great work!!

  12. Eric & Elaine Hendrickson


    Just returned from mountain biking adventure in Quebec. As we drive we listen to a variety of podcasts and have always enjoyed yours. My wife and I are now once again back to BC activities, those Before Children activities, as are children have grown and move away. We enjoy all types of four-season adventure, but our main interests are with mountain biking, caving, hiking and free-heel skiing the number one activity. Your discussion on using an ipod while doing activities caught our attention. Both my wife and I agree it is rude to listen to an ipod while with other people doing an activity. Personally, I would never listen to one while skiing as I love the sound of the snow on the skis, the same holds true while hiking or mountain biking as I like the sounds of the wilderness but I do use one if road biking alone to pass the time.

    I know you are always looking for interesting places and here are a couple within striking range for you. Try hiking the Bold Coast trail in Downeast Maine, this is a wilderness stretch of coast in southeastern Maine. As for winter activities perhaps a ski adventure to the Nordic Heritage Ski Center in Presque Isle Maine. It has been host to world championships and well as many other races.

    As for skiing this has to be the favorite, in the past three years I have averaged 151 day on snow skiing. Our primary ski vacation is to the Quebec Mountains that you often speak of in your DSO podcast. We have been skiing there yearly since the early 70’s and in the past fifteen year have always spend a week in April at the Mines except for two years ago when a group from NB had our favorite week booked, could it be…….

    I could go on but you get the idea. Your pobcast is outstanding and the variety of topics, letters, and speakers always makes it even more interesting. As a matter of fact it was one of your podcasts that sent us to the Needles Eye for a great adventure. Thanks for all that you do your efforts are appreciated.

    Always looking for another great adventure,
    Eric & Elaine Hendrickson Presque Isle, Maine

  13. Hi Gary,

    Been an avid listener for a few months now and love the podcast. You have a superb variety of topics and a great outlook on getting out there whatever your age, skill level or interest. The style is so engaging and I find they always leave me wanting to get out there!

    I’m based in the UK, on the edge of the New Forest and 10 minutes away from The Solent coastline.

    Having spent several years moving home to follow jobs my wife and I realised we had stopped doing all the activities we were passionate about as we no longer lived in close proximity to the water or forest. We took the decision to upsticks and move with the hope that jobs would follow.

    Luckily they did and we’re now back paddling and mountain biking as well as enjoying exploring the outdoors with our 3 year old daughter and a 2 week (yes week) old son who has just had his trip into the forest courtesy of a new ‘off road’ pram!

    To help me learn more about the area, I set up a blog providing information about the sea kayaking in the Solent area as well as some gear reviews and so forth. It’s still new and just getting going but I find it helps keep me focused on getting out and about to find new content! If anyone is interested the url is solentseakayaking.co.uk

    Thanks again for the excellent podcast and hope to be listening for many months to come.

  14. Stephanie H

    Hi Gary!

    One day in the mist of my homesickness and craving to get out and away, I googled, “doing stuff outdoors”. This is where I landed.

    I am a Canadian living in Sweden who has begun to rely on your lovely voice when I get that hole in my heart for home. YET, your program also kicks me in the butt because I lose the homesickness and
    focus on my great and extensive outdoor life here in Sweden with my husband and one and a half year old.
    We cycle, paddle, hike, run, nordic skate and cross-country ski with the great help of a Canadian treasure…..Chariot Carriers. It has enabled us to continue on our adventures with an infant and now toddler.

    I felt compelled to say thank-you for your program especially when you mentioned about having fun with your little ones and taking them outdoors. At the time you were speaking, I was on the floor with my little guy and getting him dressed to go out with me for a jog. It was a perfect moment. The meaning of life for me.

    Stephanie and family.

  15. Congratulations, Gary! on the conclusion of one part of your life and the continuing and building of another..

    .. It was a pleasure meeting you the other day in St. Martins..

    Your site here is fascinating… and I am enjoying it immensely. Thank you, and All the best…

  16. Sean "Shug" emery

    Greetings Gary,
    Have truly been enjoying your poddys! You have a folksy charm to your material. The one on the SHT really got me as that is my trail …well I do not own it but hike it a lot. Just went on a trip with Kurt Papke, a recent guest on your show, and we were in -27º weather here in Minnesota. Here is link to a video I made of our Northern Minnesota Hammock Quest on the SHT: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jnoo4BPe2eo
    I hope you enjoy the virtual trip with us.
    All secure in sector seven,

  17. Tim Escher

    Hi Gary –

    Really enjoy your podcasts. They alway provide good motivation to get off the computer and get outside, even with the frigid weather we’ve had in Wisconsin the past few weeks.

    You mentioned that you wanted some suggestions for future shows. I’d like to point you to Jill Homer, a twenty-something newspaper journalist from Juneau, Alaska, whose blog I’ve been reading for the last year or so. She is not only an adventure junkie, having done 350 miles of the Iditarod trail, in winter, ON A BIKE, but she is also a remarkable writer.

    She just finished a book about her experience on the trail. Check her out at http://arcticglass.blogspot.com/ or ou can contact her at jillhomer66@hotmail.com.

    Take care and don’t work too hard!

    – Tim

  18. Rebecca

    I love your podcast! It all started when I found myself lying awake at night. My mind would race with thoughts that wouldnt go away. I couldnt get any sleep. Being a first time mom was unexpectedly tough! So I decided to upgrade my cd player to an mp3 player and learn how to “download” programs. I was only interested in outdoor topics since I so badly missed the good old days! I found your show and Backpacking light. I dont know what I would do without your shows. I can now fall asleep with no problem. We have also managed incorporating our son into hiking trips. Although it takes forever to get going, once we are out in the woods I can breath a sigh of relief.
    Please dont quit Doing Stuff Outdoors. It has been a real life saver for me. I now look forward to going to bed at night listening and feeling like I am out there kayaking, hiking, rock climbing….

  19. Hey Gary,

    I really enjoy your podcast. I’ve only been listening for a few weeks, so I’ve got about 60 episodes or so to catch up on, but I think the content and format of the podcast is great. I wanted to send you a quick recommendation. There’s a podcast called “The Dirtbag Diaries” done by a guy in the northwest named Fitz Cahall. It focuses mainly on climbing, but also skiing, kayaking, biking, etc…. Anyways, he’s a great storyteller and it’s a podcast I thought you might enjoy. Keep up the great work and check out my blog if you have a free minute. As soon as the weather warms up here, I plan to start training again and taking my blog in that direction.

    Take care,

  20. Chris Tyler


    I very much enjoy the podcast. I’ve been listening for about a year now. I live in Texas and am starting to get into hiking shape for the Spring. I’ve been catching up on the podcasts while I walk, run and bike. I have some ambitious plans with my family for this summer, so I’m trying to get out at least 4 times a week.

    I really enjoyed the show with Gord and his discussions about Dads and Kids. I, too, firmly believe in getting the entire family together outdoors. I spend roughly 20-30 nights a year outdoors with various members of my family, 1 wife and 4 kids. I have been thinking of ways that I can educate other families on getting outdoors and enjoying nature more.

    This summer we are planning a family trip to Rocky Mountain National Park in Colorado. I’m also looking at pulling off separate backpacking trips with my 12 year old son and my wife.

    I’d like to share with you some of my adventures some time. I had a great trip this past August/September to Grand Tetons National Park in Wyoming. A friend and I spent 5 days in the backcountry, logging about 45 miles. We saw temperatures ranging from 60-70 degrees F to 26 degrees F. We came face to face with a Grizzly bear and awoke one morning to find 3 inches of snow on the tent.

    Anyway, your show definitely inspires me to continue to get outdoors. I’m going to get my wife to start listening to the podcasts, as I have handed down my old iPod to her. I appreciate your work and hope that you are finding retirement enjoyable.


    Chris A Tyler
    aka Canyon Man

  21. Kevin Michener

    Hi Gary,

    I enjoy your podcast on my long train commute into work. A great way to start or end my work day.

    A couple podcasts ago you asked for folks to suggest favorite outdoor books. I heard a few that folks suggested on your last podcast. I have a suggestion – if you have time. It would be great if you started a list on your site of suggestions plus your favorites.

    Here’s some of my favorites:

    The Last American Man – Elizabeth Gilbert
    Woodswoman – Anne LaBastille
    Switchbacks – Sid Marty
    Epic Wanderer (David Thompson) – D’arcy Jenish

    Keep up the great work!
    Kevin Michener
    Burlington, Ontario

  22. Matthew Gruber

    Hey Gary, we met in the Huard hut in the Chic Chocs last week. After that night, we headed up to Mesange and received over a meter of powder and skied a bunch of laps off some peaks around there, as well as getting rejected from some bigger lines due to avalanche danger.
    We’ve got tons of actions shots that turned out nice, so I can definitely get those to you.
    How was the rest of your trip?

  23. Gary,
    I heard about your podcast from the SE Backpackers podcast. Interesting to hear the ATHiking interview with Toothless today as that was the second podcast I picked up after the Practical Backpacking podcast. I have listened to about 10 DSO’s so far. Lots of fun. Good production, interesting subjects.

    I live in Virginia near the AT and got the bug to get back outdoors last summer after a little solo campout with the beagle. Dusted off my old pack and backpack stove. I still have most of what I need, but I need to get a much lighter tent and much better sleeping bag if I want to pursue my 30+ year dream of hiking a significant portion of the AT. At 55 my knees need every break I can afford. I own a small business. The drop in the economy is really put a crimp in acquiring the little bit of gear I need to update and forces me to take every opportunity to make some income vs. hiking. I try to make time for local, short, couple of hours day hikes. I am forced to take it slow and it is a conditioning advantage.

  24. Kevin Hare

    Great podcast Gary. I just “discovered” DSO and really like it. Thanks for the time and effort doing these podcast. If you are taking requests for podcast interviews I would really like to hear one on the sport of basejumping ’cause those guys are absolutely insane. Thanks!

  25. Hi Gary,

    I just recently found your podcast through itunes and I’m loving it! Thanks for producing such an interesting, high-quality program.


  26. Keith

    Hi Gary, I am a long time listener. I wanted to do some backpacking in Canada in the north east. I live in New Jersey. I want to backpack in canada because of your friendleyness to dogs in parks. Can you recommend a 4-7 night trip.


  27. Tim Cooper

    Throughly enjoy your podcasts, thank you.

    I especially like hearing about the AP. I’d love to do that one day. Just recently finished walking the “Essex Way”, an 81 mile footpath that runs from the edge of London (the original one!…) to Harwich on the North Sea coast. The three of us (myself, youngest son, and dog) did the first 1/2 (37 miles) over the Labor day weekend, sleeping under the stars. Me and the dog went back the following weekend and knocked off the remaining 44 miles over 2 days.

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