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Doing Stuff Outdoors-93


photo by Ceci Flanagan-Snow

photo by Ceci Flanagan-Snow

In this edition we finish a story we started last year. We first spoke with Kimber Sider on DSO-45.

On April 28, 2008 Kimber and her horse Kat rode west from Trenton, Nova Scotia with a goal of the Pacific Coast of Canada, 6,000+km and 5-6 months down the road. Her driving inspiration is Barbara Kingscote’s 1949 journey from Mascouche, Quebec to Vancouver, British Columbia. Is it still possible for a lone woman in her twenties and her horse to make it across Canada almost purely on character and the hospitality of the Canadian spirit?

On October 4, 2008 Kimber and Kat found themselves facing west with their feet salty and wet. They had made it to the Pacific. And more importantly they had found not only the “generous heart of my country” that Barb had found, but also an inspiring pioneering spirit. It had taken them 160 days, during which they had been taken in by 112 families and been supported by hundreds of Canadians coast to coast.

“Well-Behaved Women Rarely Make History” is two Canadian women, two generations apart, going against convention with a unique, yet shared sense of adventure, a simple equine mode of transportation and, most importantly, a desire to discover the Canada of their day.

Our feature interview today is with Kimber Sider. Also on the show comments about snow in Alberta in May and the joys of longboarding and freebording. Music by the The Acousticals.  Contact us at


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Doing Stuff Outdoors-92


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We’re going kayaking with Bob Collins of Delaware on this edition of DSO. Bob brought his audio recorder along with him as he went for a spring paddle on the Pocomoke River in Maryland, near Snow Hill. He did some flat-water paddling for almost 20 miles on this cypress lined river, all the while telling us about the vegetation and wildlife he encountered along the way. The “Poke-Moke” starts in Delaware, in the Great Cypress Swamp, and flows almost due south for some 40-50 miles into the Chesapeake Bay.

We have music on the show from Allison Crowe and more of your  outdoor comments about tour skating and cycling in France. Contact Gary by email at

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Doing Stuff Outdoors-91



Today on the show we’ll experience Paddle Boarding, the YOLO way. Our feature interview is with Jeff Archer, the co-founder of paddle board manufacturer YOLO which stands for “You Only Live Once”. After extensive research and development, they determined that there was a need for more of a hybrid style stand-up paddle board–one that not only has its roots in traditional surfing but also in other related paddle sports such as canoeing and kayaking. Standing up and paddling offers a whole new point of view: from paddling with dolphins, to sneaking up on blue crabs, to dropping in at your favorite surf-break, the act of YOLO-ing or stand up paddling has evolved from its surfing roots to a far more extensive means to enjoy time on the water from a new perspective—anywhere—anytime.

We also have more of your comments including an outdoor adventure tale of fossil hunting in Alabama. Music this week from Alexander Blu and the Verandas from Germany. Contact Gary at

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