Doing Stuff Outdoors-89

Bengt and his daughter Hilda

Bengt and his daughter Hilda


Photos by Bengt Furenäs

Photos by Bengt Furenäs

It’s our last kick at the winter can this week on DSO. We’re going to take you Nordic Skating in Sweden. It’s like cross country skiing on these special skates that allow you to travel long distances over frozen lakes and rivers. There are many names for the sport including tour-skating, trip-skating, cross-country-skating, backcountry skating, nordic skating, long distance skating and even wild skating. It’s hugely popular in Scandinavia, especially Sweden. Gary first heard about the sport through an email from Stephanie, a listener in Sweden who skates. Stephanie introduced Gary to her skating neighbour, Bengt Furenäs. He’s a tour leader, ‘ice reporter’ and has been skating for many years. Our feature interview is all about Nordic Skating with Bengt, who just hung up his skates for the season.

We also have more of your comments about trail food, hiking and facebook. And some fun surf music from Sweden by The Great Pharaos.



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