Doing Stuff Outdoors-88



Today Bob Collins of Bethany Beach in Delaware takes us along for a paddle. He was supposed to go on an outdoor adventure in search of a wild horse called ‘Charcoal’ in Assateague National Seashore in Maryland. (That’s another story that hasn’t happened yet but will soon) Instead Bob put his kayak on the truck and went for a mid winter paddle in Trussom Pond just outside of Laurel, Delaware. Laurel is well-known for its water recreation opportunities including Trussom Pond which is home to the northernmost natural stand of bald cypress trees in North America.

Also on the show, Gary brings us up to date on his struggle with the P90X extreme home fitness program and trying to set up a DSO account on facebook. We have comments from listeners about kayaking, hiking to the top of mountain peaks and using signal mirrors to flash signals from one peak to another, the fun of Urban Scavenger Hunts and much more. Plus music from All Mankind of Sydney, Australia.

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