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We’re a little late with this week’s show because Gary had a bad case of laryngitis and couldn’t talk. So he kind of croaked out a shortened version of the program.

After a couple months absence, Lorne Blagdon and his Trail Magic series returns to DSO. We just haven’t been able to connect to record more segments until now.  Lorne picks up the story of his 2003 thru-hike of the Appalachian Trail. Last time we left him in Hot Springs, North Carolina where a noisy rooster and a demon in the hot spring chased Lorne and his daughter out of there.  This week Lorne shares stories of broken ankles on the AT and doing twenty mile days on the trail.  He also experiences some ‘trail magic’ on his way to an ‘all you can eat’ Pizza Hut for lunch.

Gary plays a song by Christine Kane that he first heard on Anthony’s Audio Journal while out cross country skiing one afternoon.

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