Doing Stuff Outdoors-75


We return to Minnesota’s Superior Hiking Trail again this week. Avid hiker Kurt Papke tells us about his relationship with the trail. He’s hiked all 205 miles of the trail in three sections and he’s covered several sections multiple times. He’s also tackled the trail in the winter on snowshoes. He’s written a detailed trip report of a through-hike of the Boundary Waters Canoe Area trail, the “Border Route” with the northernmost section of the SHT to create a 1-week 100 mile wilderness hike. Kurt is also a tester for He knows the trail, its history and plans for its future. He’s passionate about the¬†Superior Hiking Trail.

Also on the show we’ll tell you more about the sport of tour skating. It’s big in Sweden and Scandinavia but almost unheard of in North America. And we’ll share a heart warming email with a listener in New Jersey who on a recent vacation in Maine, rediscovered his need for the outdoors in his life.

Podsafe music this week from The Los Dos Bros. Next time on DSO, we’ll go sailboat racing and celebrate Christmas. Contact the show at


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  1. Matt

    I just started listening to your podcasts (I’m up to the first March podcast of this year) a week ago and love it! I’m a recreational hiker, mountain biker, and flat-water kayaker who’s starting to dabble in snow-shoeing. I don’t know if anyone’s ever told you this, but you have a great “radio” voice and you sound a LOT like Casey Kasem… a lot of the same inflections and tone, but a little bit deeper. Anyway, love the show, keep it up, and even though I despise running with a passion, I’ll even keep listening to the running shows! LOL!

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