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Frank Kelly is an avid runner who took up the sport at age 67.  He ran his first race in work socks and hiking boots. Now at 69 he runs in events every weekend. Our feature interview with Frank Kelly is an inspiring story and it’s not over yet.  He’s heading to the Boston Marathon.

On Trail Magic our Appalachian Trail thru-hiker Lorne Blagdon is still in the Smoky Mountains and he says they get their name for good reason. In this episode Lorne experiences MUD’s (mindless up and downs) more rain and beautiful waterfalls cascading down the mountain.  He meets a four foot long black snake crossing the trail and finds more snakes in the shelter which is good because they eat the mice.  Our intrepid hikers achieve their first 20 mile day on the trail and we end this segment of Trail Magic as they approach Hot Springs, North Carolina.

Also comments from you about using mp3 players in the outdoors, Andrew Spender in the UK writes to suggest I get in touch with a friend of his, Pete Wilson who is traveling around Australia with his family and we have a comment about  Plus podsafe music from Big Rain.

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Just a single interview on today’s show but probably the most significant and important program we’ve produced so far. Nick Reese is a climber, skier, blogger and outdoor enthusiast in Canberra, Australia. He’s been on the show before. A few weeks ago, he emailed Gary and told him about a weekend backcountry skiing trip he’d been on that ended in tragedy. Nick and his buddy were witnesses to an avalanche that resulted in the death of a young skier. It was just the third avalanche fatality in Australia in the last 50 years. Nick was involved in the search for this skier. He’s written a detailed and compelling account of the tragedy in his blog ‘Wild Adventure‘ and on the Australian climbing site ‘Chockstone Forum

If you’re a backcountry skier or boarder or if you spend time in the mountains, you owe it to yourself to listen to this interview.

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The remnants of Hurricane Hanna roared through Gary’s town, flooding streets and washing out rail-beds and turning Gary into a big wussy. He was supposed to run in a 5 mile race that morning but the torrential rain and wind made him think better of it. So he stayed in bed late and instead of running he recorded today’s program.

We have a feature interview with a man named Rafe Hooper who operates an outfitting and canoe/kayak rental business called Osprey Adventures. He’s always loved the outdoors and being on the water and now he truly has the lifestyle he’s always wanted. What could be better than doing what you love to do outdoors for a living.

Gary introduces us to an outdoor activity that is unlike most of the ones we cover on Doing Stuff Outdoors. And yet thousands and thousands of people do it every weekend. We’re going to take you ‘Yard-Sale-ing’.

Podsafe music on the show this week from Blake Morgan with some help from Lennie Kravitz. And we have some comments from Gord in Ottawa and an update on the active couple we spoke with last time on DSO. Smitty from tells us how Jim and Kathy Whelan made out in the Triathlon and Ironman Competition this summer

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Our feature interview today is with a family that lives an active, outdoors lifestyle. Jim and Kathy Whelan have four children and live in St. Johns, Newfoundland. Jim and Kathy compete regularly in triathlons, bike races and cross country ski marathons and they encourage their children to do the same. Gary met them at a run this summer where their oldest son, 13 year old Marty was competing in his first 5km race. The Whelan’s talk about the importance of being active in the outdoors and how they encourage their kids to follow their example.

Adam from Oregon calls in with a comment about the growing popularity of wilderness survival courses like Practical Primitive. He says they’re meeting a need in these fast paced lives we all live. In the UK it’s called ‘bushcraft’ and Bob from the Outdoors Station has done some terrific podcasts on this topic. Check them out.

We have podsafe music from an interesting band out of California called Holiday and the Adventure Pop Collective.

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