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Doing Stuff Outdoors-58


Gary was out kayaking earlier this summer and he came across three women also in kayaks returning from a long days paddle. He met up with them as they were taking their boats out of the water and had a chat. It turns out these three adventurers know a thing or two about the outdoors.  Linda Adams, Joanne Hansen and Jane Goudreau are not what you would call kids. They have a lot of adventures under their belts including long paddles, hikes, building and staying in a teepee in the winter and one of them is headed to the Himalayas’ this fall. They love the outdoors and having fun together and you’re going to love this interview.

We also have a podsafe tune from Anna Coogan and North 19 and a tale about a long paddle from Adam in Oregon. Call the comments line at 206.600.4557 or email


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Doing Stuff Outdoors-57


Our feature item on today’s show is about kids and fishing. Gary went for a bike ride to a favorite fishing spot and discovered a fun, family fishing derby underway. Most of the participants were in boats but he found a few fishing from the shore. We’ll meet John Clark and his five year old daughter Alexis. It’s her first time fishing and she’s armed with her pink Barbie fishing rod. As you’ll discover, there’s something special about taking your child on her first fishing trip. We’ll also talk to Deborah Walton and her son Colin. He wanted to enter the derby and spend time outdoors with his mom. Do they catch anything or does it really matter? You’ll have to listen to find out. We also have a great podsafe fishing tune from Paul Sachs.

We have an audio comment about the price of gas and the impact it’s having on outdoor recreation. This comes from Rylan and Golden from the Southeastern Backpackers Podcast. Call in your comments to 206.600.4557 or email Gary at

Next time we’ll meet three interesting women who love the outdoors and have fun kayaking, hiking and even building teepee’s together.

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Doing Stuff Outdoors-56


It’s a hot and humid summer day so Gary records the show out on his deck complete with a fake babbling brook. He’ll explain. Our feature item is another segment on rock climbing. We’ll meet up with two buddies as they prepare to climb a particularly challenging route. We’ll find out why they do what they do and what the sport means to them.

Also on the show your comments on the high price of gas and the affect it’s having on your ability to get to outdoor places. We’ll hear from a listener who’s taken up running and shed 30 pounds in the process. Another listener calls in a comment about the use of mp3 players in the outdoors. Gary has the story of an Oregon man who completes a 320-kilometre flight in his lawn chair and some good news for older runners concerned about their knees. And we’ll feature a podsafe tune from Barb Carbon.

Next time on the show…. kids and fishing. Call the comments line at 206.600.4557 or send an email to

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Doing Stuff Outdoors-55


What’s that they say about the family that rock climbs together… stays together? This week on DSO-55 Gary meets Greg Hughes and Stacy Couturier and their young daughters Megan and Emily. This family lives the outdoors lifestyle and we’ll meet them as they get ready to do some climbing.

On Trail Magic Lorne Blagdon takes us into the Smoky Mountains where the rains were torrential. He has encounters with wild boars, black bears and sees a wild turkey while climbing to the peak of Rocky Top in Tennessee, made famous by the song. Also on this leg of the hike they climb the highest peak on the Appalachian Trail, Klingman’s Dome at 6,643 feet.

Enjoy some podsafe music from The Ones and we’ll hear some of your comments on the outdoors, recording audio in the field and a tv show and video podcast about California Gold. Next time on DSO our final segment on rock climbing and some thoughts on why we shouldn’t listen to our mp3 players in the outdoors.

Call in your comments, suggestions and outdoor adventures to the comments line at 206-600-4557. Email Gary at and subscribe to DSO in iTunes.

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