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Many years ago Gary was introduced to rock climbing by a climber named Steve Adamson. He’s climbed mountains all over the world including the Himalayas and he’s organizing a trip to Everest. He still does rock climbing and ice climbing and is still introducing new people to the sport he loves. On this edition of Doing Stuff Outdoors we meet up with Steve at one of the best rock climbing sites in the maritimes as he takes a group of scouts up the rock face for the first time.

A former guest on Doing Stuff Outdoors who produces a TV show called The Fishing Musicians is doing a new HD program about outdoor adventures in New Brunswick. We’ll get a sneak peak at the new show and some of the outdoor delights to be found in Gary’s home province.

Also on the show… podsafe music from the Great Bloomers and some comments about recording audio in the great outdoors. Call in your comments at 206.600.4557. Email Gary at or leave a comment on the webpage at

Next time…more rock climbing. We’ll meet a family with young children who all climb together and we head back to the Appalachian Trail with Lorne Blagdon.


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On June 1, 2002, sixty-eight after-work athletes and other “weekend warriors” set off from Saint John, New Brunswick, for a sweaty day of competitive adventure: 15 kilometres of trail running, 40K of mountain biking, and 12 kilometres of sea kayaking on the legendary Bay of Fundy. However, as a storm swept across the final paddling section, what began as a fun introduction to the sport of adventure racing soon turned into a tragedy that would haunt many of the participants for years to come.

That’s the summary of a new book by David Leach called Fatal Tide: When the Race of a Lifetime Goes Wrong. It tells the story of the first death of an adventure racer in North America and the impact this tragedy has had on the sport and even on reality TV. Our feature interview on this edition of DSO is with investigative journalist, author and assistant professor of writing at the University of Victoria, David Leach.

Also on the show podsafe music from Denis Kitchen and more of your comments about your longest paddle ever. We’ll hear about a difficult trip in low water in a wilderness area of New Brunswick, a three day trip to the Assateague National Seashore in Maryland and a week long kayaking/camping trip to Barkley Sound on the west coast of BC.

Call in your comments to 206.600.4557. Email me at or leave a comment on the webpage at

Next time on DSO… we’ll take you rock climbing.

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On this edition of DSO we meet best selling author, founder and CEO of the Running Room, John Stanton. He’s written four books on running, run more than 60 marathons, hundreds of road races and numerous triathlons. Stanton was introduced to running as an overweight, out of shape, smoker who then went on to start a chain of running and walking specialty retail stores across Canada and in the U.S. His goal is to encourage others to get active and he’s helped thousands of people to lose weight, improve their health and fitness level and truly change their lives. In just a few minutes he diagnosed and fixed a running problem that had plagued Gary for a long time. John Stanton is our feature interview today on Doing Stuff Outdoors.

Also on the show, a great podsafe tune from a band called Sunspot and more of your comments. Gord writes about a race to the top of Whiteface Mountain, Lloyd tells us about a blog that focuses on relevant events and issues that impact wildlife and their habitat and Warren says goodbye, at least for a while.

Next time on DSO a feature interview with the author of a book about an Adventure Race that went terribly wrong. A young participant died of exposure while kayaking in the race. David Leach covered the tragedy for an outdoor magazine and has written a book about it called, “Fatal Tide: When the Race of a Lifetime Goes Wrong”. He says the accident has had a major impact on adventure racing ever since.

Also on the show we’ll have more stories of your longest paddle ever. Call in your comments to 206.600.4557 or email or leave a comment at

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Photo by Alison Wiley

Last January world-class Canadian runner Alison Wiley and 11 other women in their 40’s from the Toronto area stood on the summit of Africa’s Mount Kilimanjaro. Their six day climb was an adventure of a lifetime for all of them. It was also a way for Alison to help street kids in the nearby town of Moshi, Tanzania. The women used their climb to raise money for Amani Children’s Home, a facility that offers local kids food, clothing, love and hope. Our feature interview on this edition of DSO is with Alison Wiley.

If you’re interested in learning more about climbing Kilimanjaro check out this video
from Tusker Trail. We have some great podsafe music on the show from Africa by African Cream Kids. Also some comments from Amy and Warren. And Gary talks about his longest paddle ever, three days on the St John River. If you want to tell us about your longest paddle or your latest climb up a mountain call out comments line at 206.600.4557, email us at or leave a comment on our webpage at

Next time on DSO, a feature interview with John Stanton, author and founder of the Running Room.

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