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Our feature interview this week is with Patrick Stark of Toronto.  On July 1st he’s beginning a challenging solo expedition in his kayak.  Pat is circumnavigating Georgian Bay.  The bay is an incredibly beautiful and environmentally sensitive part of Lake Huron, one of the Great Lakes.  Patrick will paddle his kayak over 1,000 km in a trip that’s expected to last about 40 days.  He’ll experience some of the best kayaking to be found anywhere but at the same time he’ll have to be prepared for storms and crashing waves along a coastline that has claimed many ships over the years.  He’s paddling to raise money for the Georgian Bay Land Trust, an organization dedicated to preserving and protecting this important body of water.

Lorne Blagdon returns with another edition of ‘Trail Magic’, his journal about hiking the entire Appalachian Trail.  We pick up the story in North Carolina at Fontana Dam, one of the few places on the trail where you can get a nice hot shower. Lorne tells us about a legendary, twisty road in the mountains called the ‘Dragon’.  Also a hiking tip on how to use the US Postal Service to carry some of the load by sending a ‘Bump Box’ along the trail.

Also on the show some podsafe music from Youth Reference and more of your comments.  Don’t forget to call in and tell us about your longest paddle. Call in your comments, suggestions and outdoor adventures to the comments line at 206-600-4557. Email Gary at and subscribe to DSO in iTunes.  Check us out on twitter at ‘doingstuff’.  Next time we’ll climb Africa’s Mount Kilimanjaro.



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I’m sure all lovers of the outdoors would agree we need to protect and preserve as much of the wilderness as we can.  Wilderness areas everywhere in the world are being threatened by development and even sometimes by recreational use.  Our feature story on today’s program is about a unique initiative underway in Canada to protect wilderness areas.  It’s called ‘The Big Wild‘ and the goal is is to keep at least half of Canada’s public land and water wild forever. We talk to Roberta Clowater of the Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society in New Brunswick about the program, how it works and how you can get involved.

We have some podsafe music from Dave McCormick of West Virginia questioning where all the trees have gone.  And more of your comments about the outdoors and the program.  We’ll hear from a listener in Texas who thinks we should do something on mp3 players and what people listen to in the outdoors.  Good idea!  And we’ll hear from another listener in New Hampshire who loves hiking, camping and canoeing but also likes ATV’s and 4X4’s and believes an outdoors person can enjoy both.  Also a DSO anniversary message.

Contact us by email at or call the comments line at 206.600.4557.  Leave a comment at or on  And help me figure out how Twitter works by contacting me there at ‘doingstuff’ and telling me what you’re doing in the outdoors.  Next time on the show more Trail Magic with Lorne Blagdon and we’ll climb Kilimanjaro.

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We’re going to take you paragliding on this edition of DSO. I know I said I was finished with snow for a while but I couldn’t resist running this feature. When I was skiing at Panorama Mountain in British Columbia back in March I came across a group of paragliders. They were holding their annual Easter Paragliding Festival. I hung around and watched for a while and got talking to the organizer Max Fanderl. He was born in Germany and came to Canada in 1992. This guy lives for flying and he flies everything… airplanes, gliders, ultra-lights, hang gliders and of course paragliders. They’re those things that look like a cross between a parachute and a kite. In the winter they take off on skis and in the summer they just run and jump off mountains. I had an interesting conversation with Max at the launch site on the mountain, about the sport, the appeal and the risks involved. We also talked to Max about his upcoming participation in the X-Alps, said to be one of the toughest Adventure Races in the world. (Look for this paragliding feature as an HD Video segment of Doing Stuff Outdoors in the fall)

We’ll also have more of your comments about the program and about outdoor things. Roman from the Lighthiker’s World blog sends along a nice note and Anthony Jones of Anthony’s Audio Journal sends us an audio comment. We’ve thrown in a great cut of podsafe music from Blake Morgan. I’ve also started a Twitter account. It’s called ‘doingstuff’. I couldn’t fit the word ‘Outdoors’ into the title. Anyway… don’t know much about all this social networking stuff but I though Twitter might be a good way to keep in touch with listeners and a way for you to let me know what you’re up to in the outdoors. So follow me and I’d like to follow you on Twitter.

You can also call your comments in to the comments line at 206.600.4557. Email me at or leave a comment on the webpage at Next time on the show we’ll tell you about a new program designed to protect and preserve wilderness areas called ‘The Big Wild’.

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In this edition of Doing Stuff Outdoors we’re going sailing….or at least we’ll talk to a man who lives and breathes the sea. It took him three years but he built his own day-sailor out of wood following traditional boat building plans.  We’ll talk about the joy you get from sailing in a wooden boat that you built yourself.

And we all have visions of the mighty Nile River.  Thanks to our friends at the Outdoors Station we’ll hear about a tour operator who organizes amazing kayaking expeditions along the Nile.

Also today… more of your comments including a look at a new product that allows you to create your own 3D trail maps of routes in the Canadian Rockies.  And we’ll talk a little about getting outdoors with kids.  Plus more podsafe music from Great Big Sea.

Call in your comments, suggestions and outdoor adventures to the comments line at 206-600-4557. Email Gary at and subscribe to DSO in iTunes.
Next week we’ll take you paragliding in the mountains…..

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