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Today on the podcast we meet a man from Virginia who looks at a backyard and imagines a ski hill. Travis Roberts has a website called He is an advocate of doing your skiing at home and making your own ski runs and lifts. He’s had his own backyard ski hill since he was a kid growing up on the family farm. Now with his website he helps others do the same. He’s also into backyard snowmaking. We have a feature interview with Travis on todays show.

Last week Rex McInvale of Georgia told us about his fabulous outdoor adventure hiking in the Wind River Range of Wyoming. He took some incredible photographs and you can view them at Rex’s Public Gallery. On this podcast we hear from Rex again with more of his thoughts about the outdoors and being an outdoor enthusiast.

Also today more of your comments and suggestions about the show. We also launch a new segment and we need your assistance. It’s called “Where to Get Stuff”. We all need gear in order to participate in the outdoor activities we enjoy. The more you do, the more gear you need. As we all know, outdoor stuff can be expensive and difficult to find. We want to know the best places to get those backcountry skis, snowshoes, packs, bikes, kayaks, sleeping bags and so on. Where do you find the best prices, quality and service? Is it a major online retailer or a small specialized local shop? Where do you get your gear? Call or email us with your picks and we’ll feature them on the show. Our comments line is 206-600-4557 and our email is

Podsafe music this week from Justin Gordon. Be sure to check out the Doing Stuff Outdoors website for regular blog posts and subscribe to the podcast in iTunes .

Next week I hope to have a feature program from Sunday River in Maine.


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