First Freezing Rain

I don’t want these posts to become weather reports but when you’re dealing with the outdoors you have to be aware of and concerned about the weather. We had another dusting of snow a couple of days ago but it wasn’t enough to ski on. Most of it is gone by now but it’s been cold enough that little patches still remain on the grass in shaded areas. My hardcore backcountry skiing buddy headed off to a special place we go where the snow comes early and stays late. He tried to get in his first slides of the season but I don’t know how he made out. This is a guy so determined to ski he can smell snow flakes and if there’s snow to ski on he will find it. I hope he did.

This morning we woke to that dread of winter… freezing rain. The weather forecast said it was supposed to rain with only a chance of freezing rain. They got it wrong. I live on a hill. My driveway is on a hill. I worry when the driveway and road turn into a skating rink. It happened early this morning and I had a heck of a time getting the car down to the bottom. From there the drive wasn’t bad for me but many others found themselves sliding off roads and highways. There were plenty of accidents this morning, not what you want to hear to kick off the winter driving season. As outdoor enthusiasts we usually have to drive somewhere before our adventure can begin. I think we all prefer snow over freezing rain but the latter is becoming more and more common every winter. We need to know how to drive in it and more importantly when not to.


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  1. Freezing rain…blaghhh! Good to know this post didn’t end with a bang or crash.

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