Darklight Savings Time

Photo by Dennis Hickey

I didn’t get my afternoon run in today. Just ran out of time and daylight. I miss the afternoon sun since we switched back to standard time last weekend. I leave for my morning radio shift about 6:30 am every weekday. I like driving in the dark because I know that when I get home there will be daylight enough for a walk or paddle and soon a x-c ski. But since the switch in time my window for afternoon outdoor adventures in the daylight is getting smaller all the time. In a few weeks as we approach the shortest day of the year, I suspect my window will be closed entirely.

I know it’s important to have some light in the morning when the kids head off to school. And if you’re able to hit the ski trails early in the day it doesn’t matter anyway. But for us working stiffs who just want an hour or two of daylight to play when we get home, forget it. It’s gone for a while, at least until the days start to get longer again and the times goes back to Daylight Saving. I don’t get it though. Doesn’t it make sense to have Daylight Saving in the winter when there are fewer hours of daylight and we should be saving as much of it as we can?


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  1. Brent

    I couldn’t agree more. But I cope by running with a bright LED headlamp and a reflective vest. It’s important to keep the activity up but it’s also important to be safe.

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