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Podcast Peek – Hiking to the Eye of the Needle


I thought I’d give you a sneak peek at the podcast this week. There’s only one story on Doing Stuff Outdoors-25. It’s a hike I did with three friends earlier this fall. I brought along an audio recorder and captured some the highlights. We went to a place known as the ‘Grand Canyon of New Brunswick’. I don’t know where the name came from but the lookout we eventually reached is spectacular. It gives you a panoramic view of this gorge that includes towering cliffs, water falls and a glimpse of the Bay of Fundy. The day long hike took us to to the mouth of the Little Salmon River in the maritime province of New Brunswick in Atlantic Canada. This stretch of Bay of Fundy shore is supposed to be one of the last undeveloped coastlines along the eatern seaboard of North America. It is a fabulous wilderness area that includes the spectacular Fundy Footpath Trail.

Our hike took us up the Little Salmon to a tributary that leads through narrow rock walls to waterfalls and eventually to the lookout. Be sure to download and listen to the podcast. If you’re a hiker or someone who loves outdoor adventure I’m sure you’ll enjoy the program. I’ll include some links in the show notes where you can find more information about the area. And thanks to my buddy and fellow hiker Dennis Hickey who also happens to be a photographer, I’m able to include some photos of the hike. Enjoy and don’t forget to listen. DSO-25 will be available here and in iTunes and with other podcast distributors in a day or two.img_3246.jpg


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