Moon Glow


There was a full moon the other night. It was a big harvest moon, the kind you see in the fall. Without a cloud in the sky the lunar glow lit the night almost like day. It was perfect for a walk and that’s what we did.

We started out in the light but after a stop at a friends for a tour of their home renovations and a cup of tea and fresh apple pie right out of the oven, it was dark by the time we left. Usually when I’m out at night walking or running or hiking or skiing for that matter, I like to have a head lamp or some kind of light with me. If we’re on the road I also like wearing something reflective or at least some light coloured clothing. But on this particular night I had on black running pants and a black jacket. My wife Teresa had a light coloured jacket but not the reflective vest she wears for night walking. And of course we didn’t have a light of any kind. But once we stepped out the door and started down the road, it didn’t matter much. The moon took care of us and lit the way. It was a beautiful night and a fabulous walk home. It just made you feel good being outside. The air had that clean, crisp fall smell to it. It was cool but not yet cold.

I had forgotten how much I enjoy being in the outdoors at night. I had a chance to go for a full moon kayak last month and didn’t make it. That won’t happen again. I’m really looking forward to the winter and doing some night skiing when the moon is bright and the snow is deep. There’s nothing better than being in the woods right after a fresh snowfall under a full moon. It’s magical.


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