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We’re back to a weekly schedule for Doing Stuff Outdoors. This week a feature interview with Lorne Blagdon who has returned from hiking a segment of the Continental Divide Trail in Wyoming. He joined his daughter Naomi for the trip and they were part of a team mapping the trail for Backpacker Magazine. Close encounters with grizzly bears made the hike even more exciting. Listen to part one of this high country adventure and check out Naomi’s podcast from the trail at the Backpacker CDT Project.

Running guy Alex Coffin is back with advice on how to make your regular run and race training fun. This is especially good to hear since I’m preparing to run a half marathon in a few weeks time. And I’m not ready yet.

Our ‘All Things Outdoors’ segment features news about an 83 year old skydiver making his 100th jump, the new wave of summer tubing at ski resorts and little skis for baby strollers.

We have podsafe music on the show from Angel Vivaldi.

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Next week part two of my conversation with Lorne about hiking the Continental Divide and we’ll meet a young sailing family who spent two years living on their boat and sailing in the Caribbean.

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