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It’s a new column with a new name but the writer remains the same. If you’re reading ‘Doing Stuff Outdoors’ in the River Valley News for the first time or if you’re a newcomer to and reading this post you should know how it came to be. I wrote a column called the River Valley Rambler for about 15 years in the local Grand Bay-Westfield paper that serves the River Valley area of New Brunswick. The ‘Rambler’ covered local events and people with a special emphasis on the outdoors and recreation. With the launch last May of a new website and podcast called ‘Doing Stuff Outdoors’ I’ve decided to retire the Rambler and write mainly about outdoor related topics.

So the Rambler is no more but that sense of adventure and excitement that I tried to bring to every column, I hope will live on in this new form. And as I said before much of what I’m going to write about now is the same as I’ve always covered in the Rambler.

So you’re probably wondering what this ‘Doing Stuff Outdoors’ is all about. I say in the description of the podcast that it’s content about outdoor activities and recreation or as I like to tag it… adventures for outdoor enthusiasts. These adventures include just about anything people do outside for fun. Of course we’re talking about the common outdoor activities like skiing, hiking, biking, boating, kayaking, climbing, walking, running and so on. These are people-powered, self-propelled forms of recreation and that’s what I’m interested in. As a life-long outdoor enthusiast these are the things I’ve always done and cared about. But I also want to expand the definition of the outdoors to include hobbies and pastimes like gardening and bird watching and flying kites and model airplanes. I’m interested in all forms of recreation. People of all ages are passionate about the things they do and so am I.

Outdoor enthusiasts are generally those who enjoy all aspects of the outdoors. They may have a favorite activity like hiking for instance but they also x-c ski in the winter and ride their bike in the summer. They’re also members of the naturalists club and may be especially interested in birds. And they love it when they get a chance to go on a canoe trip. They just enjoy being in the outdoors with family and friends, whatever the activity. They like getting out to new places, seeing new things and exploring the world around them. They aren’t afraid to try new activities and thrive on the challenge that brings. Outdoor enthusiasts are active people who enjoy life, live it to the fullest and always try to get the most out of every day and everything they do. They aren’t the type to sit on the couch. They’re doers. They aren’t fitness nuts but they know the importance of physical activity and eating properly and try to keep themselves in shape through exercise and diet so they’re able to enjoy the active lifestyle they lead. Outdoor enthusiasts are all these things and much more.

So this is the group I’m trying to reach with this column and blog and the weekly audio podcast and soon I hope, with video content. The topics we cover will be many and varied both from here at home and around the world. Already on the podcast we’ve featured interviews with outdoors people from as far a field as Scotland, Colorado, Utah, Ontario, Florida, BC and of course the Maritimes including the River Valley. Local hiker Lorne Blagdon shares his Appalachian Trail adventures with us regularly on the podcast and soon in the blog. Local running sensation Alex Coffin also provides regular running tips on the program. This is just the beginning. There will be many more.
My hope is this content will be of interest not only to outdoors people but also to everyone and may encourage people of all ages who may not be very active now to get out and start enjoying the outdoors.

So that’s some of what Doing Stuff Outdoors is about. I invite you to read the column regularly and check out the website. Over the past couple of months the posts have been mainly descriptions of the podcasts but that will change as more written material becomes available on-line. And please give the program a listen. Click where it says ‘Listen to the Podcast’ and it should start playing immediately or go to the directory of programs and it’ll take you to the homepage for the podcasts. Or better still go to iTunes and subscribe to Doing Stuff Outdoors. That way every new program both audio and video will be downloaded to your computer automatically and you can easily put it into your portable MP3 player and take it with you on your next walk or run.

So welcome to ‘Doing Stuff Outdoors’. I hope you enjoy the content and find it interesting and useful and perhaps inspirational.



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  1. I really enjoy your podcast and blog.

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