Doing Stuff Outdoors-09


In this edition of DSO, the adventure podcast for outdoor enthusiasts we’re going to meet a man who combines his love of art with his passion for the outdoors.  Cory Trepanier is a painter who throughout his career has expressed his artistic vision by painting some aspect of the outdoors.  Often he brings his whole family with him on these excursions into the wilderness.  His latest project is a three year expedition into the Canadian north.  It’s called ‘Into the Arctic:  An Artists Journey to the North’.  He’s also produced a television documentary about his family adventure that includes spectacular scenery, frightening storms and encounters with grizzly bears.  Cory Trepanier is our feature interview today on
Doing Stuff Outdoors.

Lorne Blagdon returns with another edition of Trail Magic, his ongoing series about life hiking the Appalachian Trail.  This week he talks about how bad thru-hikers smell after days and weeks on the trail.  He comments on the pain of blisters and how some stores along the trail try to gouge hikers.  But when the going gets tough is when the real trail magic happens.

Next week we have a special tenth anniversary show on DSO.  For program number ten we’re going whitewater kayaking in the world famous Reversing Falls in Saint John, New Brunswick.  It’s the second annual Reverse Freestyle Kayak and BoaterX competition bringing together the best freestyle kayakers  from the Maritimes, Quebec, Ontario and Maine.  We’ll take in the action and meet some of the paddlers.  Be sure to join us on the next edition of Doing Stuff Outdoors.


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