Doing Stuff Outdoors-03



We begin a new series in this edition of DSO called ‘Trail Magic’. In 2003 Lorne Blagdon and his daughter Naomi hiked the entire length of the Appalachian Trail from Georgia to Maine. Lorne wrote a series of newspaper columns on their adventure and every week we’ll talk about a segment of the trip beginning today with a definition of trail magic.

Gary gets frustrated with the lousy spring weather in his part of the world so he searches for summer by calling to Florida where the sailing is great. We also get a detailed account of why the May long weekend in Canada used to known for firecrackers.

Looking through the outdoor files we’ll tell you about a see-through boat, grass skiing in Britain, the first woman to hike the AT and a reality TV show about the outdoors that’s now a podcast.

Podsafe Music

Christopher Wright
2006 Pl@stic Soul


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